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Phuket Weather - Current Conditions - What's it doing now?


Current weather - Just starting low season although the southwest winds are not blowing yet, there are a few rainy days. The "low season" runs until October. The high season was very nice, although we also had some heavy rain in early January 2017 - very unusual! The weather in high season 2016 was also very good - blue skies, warm days, although a little breezy, making a few waves on the ocean. Just as you'd expect in the high season! In May (no exact date) the weather starts to change as the west winds blow across the Indian Ocean. The high season weather starts sometime in October.

Phuket Weather Blog | Previous Months | Weather Links | Moon/Sun and Tides

We tried before to keep this weather page updated year round. Phuket weather observations based on Sunrise Divers office at Karon Beach, Phuket and from Jamie's wanderings around Phuket. For reports from previous months, see our old Phuket Weather database which covers the years 2004 - 2007.

It's hard to keep up with weather reports - we are busy at Sunrise Divers looking after our customers needs! However, Jamie's Phuket Weather Blog has regular Phuket weather updates every week or 2 along with current photos and lots of useful links.


Weather in Phuket - Patterns and Seasons


The weather in Phuket follows certain patterns which are pretty easy to understand. As divers, we are naturally concerned about what the weather will be doing when we are diving. We like sun and calm seas, but diving continues all year unless it's really bad - this is very rare.

The 3 Seasons - Cool and Dry, Hot and Dry, Wet

Every year is different. Some years are wetter, some low seasons are drier, and high season months can be rainy sometimes too. But the weather is normally pretty decent here in Phuket! The weather changes to "wet" sometime between end of April to early June. Normally the summer months are pretty good - certainly more sunny days than rain, but the weather in unpredictable and you can get some wet and windy days. Rain is usually sporadic short showers and can be very localised - rain in Patong beach but not Karon, just a few km away for example.

Thailand Diving Seasons - More Information

The "good" weather starts again sometime in October/November and lasts until April/May. The months November - February are a few degrees cooler due to fresh NE winds. March and April can be really hot, with very little wind.

Phuket climate on offshore islands (Similans, Racha etc.)

It is worth noting that during the rainy season, even if it's raining on the island of Phuket, you are likely to have more sun when you are out at sea. The mountains on Phuket top 500m, so trap clouds and promote thunderstorms. Often a day's diving is sunny, with a rain shower speeding over, you'll get a suntan, but you get wet back on land!

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Moon and Sun - Rise and Set Times / Moon phase


Moon and Sun - Rise and Set Times / Moon phase


Sun and moon data


Tides - Phuket Tide Tables 2017

Click Here for More Phuket Weather Links


Satellite Picture - South East Asia

Latest SE Asia Satellite Images

Asean Satellite Photo - Animation

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Phuket Weather Database - Weather Archives 2004-2007


Phuket Weather Database - September 2007

Phuket Weather Database - August 2007

Phuket Weather Database - July 2007

Phuket Weather Database - June 2007

Phuket Weather Database - April and May 2007

Phuket Weather Database - February and March 2007

Phuket Weather Database - January 2007

Phuket Weather Database - December 2006

Phuket Weather Database - November 2006

Phuket Weather Database - October 2006

Phuket Weather Database - September 2006

Phuket Weather Database - August 2006

Phuket Weather Database - July 2006

Phuket Weather Database - June 2006

Phuket Weather Database - May 2006

Phuket Weather Database - March and April 2006

Phuket Weather Database - January and February 2006


Phuket Weather Database - December 2005

Phuket Weather Database - November 2005

Phuket Weather Database - October 2005

Phuket Weather Database - September 2005

Phuket Weather Database - August 2005

Phuket Weather Database - July 2005

Phuket Weather Database - June 2005

Phuket Weather Database - May 2005

Phuket Weather Database - April 2005

Phuket Weather Database - February and March 2005

Phuket Weather Database - December 2004 and January 2005

Phuket Weather Database - November 2004

Phuket Weather Database - October 2004

Phuket Weather Database - September 2004

Phuket Weather Database - August 2004

Phuket Weather Database - July 2004

Phuket Weather Database - June 2004

For up to date regular Phuket weather updates you can see Jamie's Phuket Weather Blog - with regular reports and lots of photos. Our main aim is to log low season weather and attempt to dispel the myth that Phuket has 6 months of rain and wind!

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Phuket Weather - Useful Weather Web Links - Phuket Forecast


The Phuket Weather Blog

Phuket Rainfall Averages

Thai Met Office Satellite Picture

Another Satellite Image of Asia

Phuket Weather from the Phuket Gazette

Phuket Weather by

Live Webcam - Karon beach Phuket


BBC Weather - 5 day forecast for Phuket

CNN Weather - 5 day forecast for Phuket

Phuket Weather Radar

Summary of Thai Weather Patterns at Phuket

Tropical Storm Tracker (

Wind Guru - Winds, Waves and Weather prediction

Phuket Forecast by Wunderground

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