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Thailand, Myanmar & Indonesia's Best Diving Locations

The Thailand diving high season is from October to May. Many Thailand liveaboard schedules are online for the season 2023 - 2024. Our Phuket dive center is also open during low season for day trips and Diving Courses. Start planning your dive trip now! Liveaboard Diving in Thailand is as popular as ever - early booking is highly recommended, especially for the more popular boats, though you can sometimes find last minute trips. There are also several boats with trips into the remote Mergui Archipelago in Burma (Myanmar).

Indonesia (Komodo and Raja Ampat) liveaboard schedules are also online right through 2023. Komodo is the best place to dive during the summer May - October. Raja Ampat is the best Indonesia option from November - April. If you are looking for a liveaboard in Thailand, Burma or Indonesia, we hope to hear from you soon!

Thailand Liveaboard Locations

Thailand Liveaboard Locations

The famous Similan Islands National Park and Richelieu Rock (part of the Surin Islands National Park) are the most popular destinations for Thailand liveaboards with some trips also covering Hin Daeng and the Phi Phi Islands.

Indonesia Liveaboard Locations

Indonesia Liveaboard Locations

Liveaboards visit 2 main areas among the many islands of Indonesia - Komodo, famous for it's dragons and Raja Ampat which is called the 'Cradle of Biodiversity'. Diving is spectacular, marine life anything from pygmy seahorses to manta rays!

Mergui Archipelago

Myanmar Liveaboard Locations

The Mergui Archipelago is largely uninhabited, with hundreds of islands stretching 400km up the West coast of Myanmar. You might not even see another dive boat during your trip - dive Myanmar now before it really opens up to mass tourism!

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